Alpian's Cleaners is a like a spa for your clothes! They come back refreshed, detoxed, and looking their best.
Organic cleaning is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as truly green. Alpian's Cleaners uses Hydrocarbon to clean and disinfect garments. This fluid cleans through fabrics to rid them of dirt particles and prevent stains from setting. It even flushes out harmful chemicals left behind by other dry cleaners! 

“This method gave the best results, even better than conventional dry cleaning. The clothing didn’t change shape, shrink or stretch.”

Fabrics keep their color and softness longer when cleaned with Hydrocarbon, without fading, shrinking, pilling, or any residues. In fact, compared to traditional dry cleaning, Hydrocarbon cleaning can extend the life of the clothing .

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